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What do I do?

Youth With a Mission (ywam)

Founded in 1960, YWAM is the largest mission organization in the world. YWAM now has over 1,100 locations in over 180 countries, with a staff of over 18,000 volunteers. The heart of YWAM is to worship God, to serve God’s global purposes, and to champion young people.

homes of hope

Starting with a one off house build in 1990 Homes of Hope has now built over 5,000 homes for families in need in 21 countries. I am currently a Builder with Homes of Hope and have been able to connect and build houses for 30+ families in Mexico and Uganda.

Discipleship training school (dts)

Starting in september I will become director of the Music and Mission DTS in Ensenada. The M+M DTS is a 5-month programme that seeks to bring people into a more intimate relationship with God. It also gives students an opportunity to develop their abilities and direct them toward a greater cause.

Music + Media

One of the things I love is being able to use my passions in my work. I am able to do sound and play guitar for worship teams at YWAM and at church in Ensenada. I am also able to use my photography and videography to create Media content for YWAM.

Base Duties

Part of my day to day work is to help keep the YWAM community functioning. Whether it is gardening, cleaning, cooking, or something else, no day is the same. This really helps to add value and become a part of the community.

Mission Adventures

Mission Adventures is a short term missions programme for teenagers. Teams do outreaches with local ministires in places such as orphanages, soup kitchens, rehab centres and also have the opportunity of building with Homes of Hope. There are also daily sessions with worship, biible study and amazing guest speakers.

Monday, 4 May 2015

Homes of Hope

It's crazy to think that It has been 10 months since I moved to Mexico, and even crazier when I think about all the stuff I've been able to do and see since being here,

  • Building around 10 houses for families in need. 
  • Trying to learn Spanish (HELP). 
  • Staffing a Discipleship School of 27 students 
  • Connecting with over 4000 people whilst leading an Outreach team through Mexico and Belize. 

This past weekend I started my training to become an official Builder with Homes of Hope! 

Homes of Hope is an amazing program where in just a couple of short days a group is able to transform a slab of concrete and a pile of materials into a home for a family that desperately needs it.

Day after day, month after month, workers from all over the country come here for jobs and to create better lives for themselves and their families. However, often these people are taken advantage of and end up worse off than they have been before.

Inside a house I visited last week
This means that thousands of families are left lacking what we take for granted every day: walls around us to protect us from the elements and keep our families and us secure. 

To date, Homes of Hope has already helped create a radical change in the lives of thousands of families here in Baja California. This year the program is celebrating 25 years and will be building the 5000th home!

I am so excited that I get to start working more and more with this program and see transformation in the lives of the people of Ensenada. 

Get Involved! 
I'd love to share the opportunity for you to partner with me and be involved in this work! 
There are a couple of ways you can do this: 

I need new tools to be able to work effectively in this ministry, if you would be interested in helping me get these please email me at joshua.d.brown@live.co.uk


Please Consider Partnering with me financially during this time and becoming part of the work out here. 

Youth With a Mission is a Non-Profit organization and all workers are volunteers, this means no one receives a salary and I am totally reliant on Donations and Gifts to sustain myself. 

I need approximately £300 per month and this will cover all rent, food, bills, visas and health care.
Here are a couple of easy ways you can Give:
  • Direct Bank Transfer - if you prefer to make a direct bank transfer then please email me at joshua.d.brown@live.co.uk and I can pass over my bank info. 
  • Paypal - For a quick and easy way to donate straight to me click on the donate button on the right hand side of the page   -----------> 
  • You can give through the YWAM website by Clicking Here. There is the option for a one off Gift or a recurring monthly payment.  In order to make sure I receive the gift you must designate under your donation amount that it is for Josh Brown - Ensenada. (3% of your gift is used for processing) 

Thanks for reading and please keep checking back for regular updates from the field! 

God Bless, 


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