Thursday, 31 October 2013

Some of my ministries

What a crazy week its been.
Homes of Hope Build Team & Family
I've been able to be part of several ministries as well as learning and growing so much. I have been part of a Homes of Hope house build team where I helped to build a new home for a family of 7. They had been living in a "house" made from 4 garage doors and some plywood, their roof was made from an old advertising banner. 
It was such a blessing for me and all the team to be part of this and to see the family blessed.

I also had the chance to be part of a Kids ministry called Circulo. Circulo works with kids in an area where many Homes of Hope have been built and is part of the follow up ministry. Its purpose is to encourage the kids in the good aspects of their lives, Guide them towards a relationship with God and teach them how valued they are. 
I helped run a fun day for them which had loads of games and a performance from some clowns who also shared the Gospel with the Kids. We then got a chance to pray with the kids too. 

Prayer Needs: 

  • Please pray for strength, protection and energy for me and all they guys here as God is working in us all in such major ways right now. 
  • Please pray for finances, I need around £500 
  • Please pray for more outreach opportunities too. 
  • Thursday, 24 October 2013


    ¡Hola! So I now know where I will be going on outreach! 
    Around the 18th of December i will be leaving Mexico and travelling to......¡PANAMA! 
    I will be in Panama for around 2 months, in Panama City for the first half and then moving across country to the province of Chiriqui. 
    The first half of my outreach will be heavily focused on Music. We are currently writing new songs (in spanish and english!) that we can take on outreach as well as learning already popular songs.  We plan to go and play in the Coffee Shops, Bars, Streets, Churches or anywhere we can and take Jesus into those places. 

    The second half of Outreach we will be working out of the YWAM Chiriqui base and doing work in various places. We haven't confirmed exactly what we will be doing yet but the hope is to do some work in Orphanages and with the Indigenous Tribes.     
    This stage will be less focused on music but hopefully we will also be able to use our music skills while we are there. 

    The cost of this outreach is around £2000($3000) I have about half of this but that means I don't any money to live off after I have paid it. I'd appreciate it if you would consider being a part of this and help support me. If you feel led to support me in anyway please message me at or on facebook and i'll give you the details for donating. 

    I also need some equipment such as a Hiking backpack for my outreach so if you feel led to support me in that way please use the same email as above :) 

    Prayer needs:

    • Please pray for strength, protection and energy for me and all they guys here as God is working in us all in such major ways right now. 
    • Please pray for my Finances and that I will be confident in trusting God in this.
    • Please pray for guidance as we plan our Outreach ministries. 

    Tuesday, 1 October 2013

    Here I Am In Mexico

    So i've been in Mexico for 3 weeks now! Sorry for the lack of updates but the WiFi has been broken on base. my time here has been awesome but also challenging so far. In my room there is 7 guys from 6 different nations which is so cool, luckily they are all totally awesome and we've all become really close friends already, making community living a bit easier to get used to.
    Here's a picture of us all with our DTS leader Nick:

    The first week we had an introduction week with the DTS staff telling us all about the DTS and what the next 5 months will look like. We also had the YWAM San Diego/Baja Director Sean Lambert and Ensenada Base Director Tym Kemp speak to us. During the first week we also started our lectures, We had some teaching from our amazing DTS leaders speaking on DTS Foundational topics this already started bringing up some challenging things, they spoke about:
    • Discipleship
    • Culture and Communication
    • The Person and Character of Jesus
    • Bible Study and Quiet Times
    • Prayer and Intercession
    • The Fear of the Lord
    • Jesus as Lord
    • Hearing the Voice of God. 
    We also all gave our testimonies during the first week and its amazing to hear what God has been doing in everyones lives, as well as being able to talk about my life and what God has done for me. 

    Here's basically what my weekday schedule looks like for the next few months:

    7.00 - Devotions
    7.30 - Breakfast
    8.00 - Base Clean-up (I Clean the Toilets)
    8.30 - Morning Meeting or free time
    9.30 - Lecture
    12.30 - Lunch 
    1.30 - Spanish Class / Small Groups
    2.30 - Work Duties / Music Class / Outreach
    5.30 - Dinner/free time
    10.30 - In rooms

    I'm learning spanish here also so that I can communicate better with the people and also to try and respect their culture. I've had 2 classes so far and although very basic its been a good start for me. We get saturdays off and Sundays I'm going to be going to a Mexican church, I went last sunday and it was great even though I didn't understand anything! Hopefully this will help me along with my spanish though.  

    We've had some amazing speakers here the past 2 weeks, Kay Charlotte McClurg who really challenged us with some no holds barred teaching on Identity In Christ. this past week we had John Ray speaking on the theme 'Character of God'. His teaching has been soo good and has challenged the way that I think and a lot of my preconceived ideas.  

    Prayer Needs: 
    • Please pray for my Finances as I still dont have all my money for outreach or really have much money to live off but im trusting God for his provisions! 
    • Please pray for spiritual strength as I go deeper into the lecture phases!
    • Please pray for my spanish to improve! 
    Thanks =]

    Wednesday, 5 June 2013


    In summer 2011 I took the opportunity to go to Ensenada, Mexico on a short term missions trip.  While I was there, I was part of a team who built a home for a needy family as part of the Homes of Hope initiative and also did work in a rehab centre as well as work with local youngsters. This trip was totally life changing for me despite the fact I was only there for 10 days. I instantly fell in love with the place and the culture and found myself having a hunger and passion for God that I had never had before. 

    While I was there I really felt that God was calling me into missions work and in particular… taking part in a Discipleship Training School (DTS) with YWAM.
    I came home and looked into doing a DTS, but it became clear that due to my circumstances at the time I wouldn't be able to. I got bummed out at this because I thought I knew what I was supposed to be doing but, hey, sometimes the plan we have for ourselves isn’t the plan God has for us and I now know that wasn’t the right time for me to be going on this awesome journey.

    Almost 2 years on I have been given the awesome opportunity to be part of YWAM’s Music and Missions DTS in Ensenada!
    Youth With A Mission or ‘YWAM’ is the worlds largest missions organization and the DTS is their primary training course. The DTS aims to equip and train the students for life and particularly a life in missions.
    The Music and Missions DTS is 5-month intensive training course which involves 3 months teaching and training then 2 months of outreach where i can apply what I’ve learned, whilst taking the awesome, amazing word to the world.

    Lecture Phase
    The DTS takes place in a real missionary community at the YWAM Ensenada base in the north west of Mexico, and the lecture phase consists of with daily worship and prayer times and teaching from staff on the base and specialist guest lecturers  as well as being part of small groups led by full time missionary staff. This DTS is based around Music and Missions so will focus on developing music skills and how we can use them in outreach. 
    The base also does local outreach such as; Home Building, ministry to orphans, after-school programs and evangelism, involvement these will also be a part of my lecture phase.

    Outreach Phase.
    During the outreach phase of the DTS I will be travelling to either Southern Mexico or Panama and doing music orientated outreach such as…church worship services, children songs, concerts in parks, orphanages, coffee shops and bars as well as working and serving in whatever ways people need. During this time I'll be Spiritually, Musically and Physically stretched as I put all I've learned into action.

    How Can You Help?
    I’m currently working 2 jobs and will work them until close to leaving for Mexico as well as doing some fundraising events to try and raise funds for the cost of this. Like all YWAM volunteers I will be reliant on the support and contributions from friends and family. If you feel as though you are able to help and support me in any way financially, wether with one off donations or continuous support during my time away please email me at , every little bit helps and I appreciate all the support!
    PRAYERS- The power of prayer is SO strong and I’d really appreciate everyone’s prayers for supporting me during this time in my life as I’m sure its going to be tough and challenging as well as amazing.


    Thanks For Reading and Keep Coming Back for Updates!

    God Bless,

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